The key to a successful trade is, both sides win. You do what you do best in a way that creates happy consumer, both sides have no regrets and you both win. How do you do this? You provide your service to people that can actually do what you do, will benefit from what you do, and have the finances to afford it. If someone can’t do all 3, they are not your customer. You are creating regrets and potential ill will.

You have to know your audience. Matching service with audience is the foundation to your success.

Who do you want to service? What benefit does your skill set provide? You are who you are and you will be spending long hours each day with your consumer base. How are you going to stay engaged if you don’t like your consumer and you have to do things you don’t want to more than the things you do? If you can’t rectify this, you need to not start or get out of what you are stuck in.

You have to recognize what your target audience needs and wants, then provide that. You are building a business. Business requires the provision of service for a fee. If you don’t match your service with the right customer, you will never acquire a fee or make a profit, game over.

Do what you do best with the people you want to do it with , or don’t do it at all. Any other way is flawed and has no longevity.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin