You know what skills you have to bring to market, you know who your target consumer is - now it’s time to build a business model. This is where an idea or skill becomes saleable and scalable. This is where we start defining what methods you will use to create value. Your skills are your assets. How are you going to defend and monetize your assets? How do you repeat this? How do you scale it?

Knowing your skill and target audience is easy, coming up with the model is the hard part.

The consumer doesn’t care about how hard you work or what risk you are taking by starting your own business. They shouldn’t care about this either. Professing how hard you work to gain sympathy is a losing proposition. The only way to make the work worth it and to eliminate the risk is to provide overwhelming value to the consumer.

You want to guarantee success? Be the only solution for a need. Be something that can’t be found anywhere else. Make it so the consumer knows that you are the only option for what you provide.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin