Don’t sell yourself, your ideas, products, services… for cheap. Cheap is a race to the bottom that you never want to win. Price is a story, it has to tell a tale. If you and your service is worth talking about, the price sells itself. How does a number tell a story? It opens the door for explanation which requires history, data, and purpose.

If you think you are the best bang for the buck, your low number will tell the story. If you are the best value no matter the price because your service is great, the price will tell that story. Price driven consumers are not your audience, or it is and you won’t be around much longer than it takes to read through this site. The person who is shopping by price doesn’t know what they want. Your price should engage, it should be what your service is worth to you and the marketplace.

Recap of what got us here:

  • Skill, product, and/or service

  • Targeted customer, based on need

  • Business model to create profit off mutually beneficial trade that is scalable

  • Hire people better than you in every way

This is the story of your price. You are this good, your people are that good, your service is worth this much, and you will benefit these ways….

Your business is a collection of pieces that completes the picture your consumer must see to recognize the reasoning and value behind your price. Think deeply about your price, don’t chase numbers and fear losing consumers. If you are a true value, you will get what you have earned the right to charge.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin