How do you define your position or figure out what position to take in the marketplace? If you want to be recognized, you have to do what others are not or won’t. You can be common and fight for each consumer, or you can be unique and monopolize a specific consumer in your market. When you stand alone and above, it is much easier to be recognized.

You will most likely not be alone in your marketplace. Take all the things your fellow businesses do and chat it out. See the continuity amongst them and see how they are fighting for the same market share. Now take your info and detail it all out. See what you do that nobody else does and focus your efforts on that. If you are not different, you have to rethink your model or prepare for war.

You must go deep into what you do and how you do it. You have to extract all the value your customer will gain through participation in your business. I am sure you have something unique because we are all unique with personal experience. Figure out what makes your business your business? Figure out what makes you different and why is that valuable?

Figure out what is not being served and serve that! This is the key to creating your own unique marketplace that protects your assets and generates income.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin