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Success requires work, talent, and skill. Talent and work are on you, but I can help you upgrade your knowledge base and expand on skills.  


FREE Kickstart Program

Hey! It’s Brian, I have a business solutions company called Phitin. Thru this company, I developed a 15 lesson program to get people on the path to better business. I used to charge for it. I got good money up front for these ideas; min entry of $999.

The thing I came to realize is that most people starting out or struggling don’t have the money to pay their bills, let alone hop into some course. So, I have dropped the fee and put the course out here for FREE. All you need to do is sign up with an email. I do my best to not bother you unless I have something of value to bring to you. You can opt out of the email at anytime and keep your access to the content.

Click the button below, create an account, and get FREE Access today to 15 lessons that address some issues and get you thinking about how you operate. You get a look under the hood at how I communicate and the basic ideas behind what I do.

Waiting or wishing will get you nowhere. Take a no risk action and invest nothing but time into a course that can change your course of action for the better.

The Conversation

OK, every relationship has to start somewhere. I know what I bring to the table, but do you? The only way to find out about the strength of your idea, plan, etc… is to break it down and analyze it.

Not everyone can do everything. You need to recognize your strengths, your customer, the need you are servicing, and the structure of your business. This is where I can help. I am a business builder. Recognizing the key factors that create success, then creating a plan to implement is what I do.



The Blueprint

5 Level Course to take start, rebuild, or grow you business.