#12 leadership is a choice

To be a leader you must choose to rise above the herd. To do this you must not think, behave, or act like the herd. You are choosing a path that is different. You want to run your own business and create a life of your choosing. You are not taught to do this and you are given many opportunities to quit and go follow the easiest path along with everyone else. You have to be strong, you have to be different.

Get rid of the distractions. You have to tune out the pop culture megaphone and tune in your inner voice. You have to sit with yourself so you don’t get lost in the masses, numbing your ability to see inward, losing the ability to dream, and allowing the masses to comfort you when you have no goals. You have to be strong enough to love yourself and believe in what it is you want to create in your way.

You are doing this because you know what you want. What you want makes you feel complete. This is who you are. Embrace that and make your mark. You are a business owner. Your mark is defined by how much action you inspire. Inspiration creates action which allows you to survive. Action is everything. You inspire through your actions to get others moving and everyone benefits.

Don’t buy into the BS idea that some people are born special. We all can achieve world class results. There is a proven blueprint for success. It has been proven time and time again. Success, happiness, everything you want is here to be built, taken, inspired... The only limitations are the boundaries we set for ourselves.

You will be rejected while you struggle, you will be embraced when you succeed. This is the choice you have made. You want to run your own business, then you have chosen to be a leader along with accepting everything that comes with it. You need to have some thick skin and the ability to maintain your focus on your end goals if you really want to be the boss.

Personal success scares people in the herd. They see their failure in your success. You have to be bold, brave, and humble to combat the negativity that can come with progress. Your growth will change the complexion of your community. Some will stay, some will go, and you will gain new people that subscribe to your achievements.

Leadership is not easy, but when done right, it will turn those dreams into goals that you can and will achieve.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin