#14 Caretakers

We are not temporary. We are a link in a chain that is the tradition in which you make your way. We are the continuation and evolution of our way. None of us exist in a bubble, we live among each other. To keep our traditions alive, we must interact positively and progressively. This is not a battle to the last person standing. This is a struggle to stay relevant in a world with lots of noise.

How do we stay relevant and ensure that our ways last well beyond us? We work together. There are lots of people in this world that all are looking for something. Some may subscribe to you and others to me. We don’t have to hate each other over different tastes. If we fight, we lose because consumers don’t want to be part of a gang. They want to do good for themselves and it is our job to do right by them while preserving our way.

I understand being proud of your way, defensive about your business, and loyal to your community. I don’t understand being super critical of everyone else if you are doing well? If you are doing bad and being critical of others, you are criticizing the wrong person. When doing well, keep doing it. When struggling, look inward.

There is room for us all. Lets work together and do good work instead of wasting time fighting over things only we care about.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin