#2 It's all art

You can’t look at what you do as work if you want to stay committed for a lifetime and achieve the freedom you dream about. Your “work” is your art, your craft, the amazing thing that your inside is connected to through outward action. Some of you may be excited by this and others may be rolling their eyes. If you are rolling your eyes, you need to stop and evaluate why you are here? If you are not prepared to go deep into your process and embrace your work as art, you are not ready to create success.

Success is created. It is not bought. You have to approach your work as art, or you will never build a business worth buying into.

The digger of ditches will be buried in the same place as the CEO of a huge corporation. No matter what we do, we all end up in the same place and we all have the same opportunity to create through what we do. As a professional, you are an artist through your service to others. You won’t be painting a great painting through your craft but you can build a masterpiece through helping others.

Michelangelo painted the Sistine Ceiling at the behest of the Pope. The leader of the largest global organization commissioned a sculpture to paint one of the largest projects to date. Michelangelo reluctantly accepted and painted one of the world’s greatest masterpieces. One of the key points overlooked by many when telling this story is that it was Michelangelo’s 1st time painting a Fresco. The Pope actually wanted Michelangelo to fail. He wanted to give him a task beyond his skills that would be such a failure, that he would be run out of Rome. Instead of falling victim to the trap, he learned and he created. He didn’t just learn and create, he created something in the process that will most likely never be forgotten in human history and shut down all future challenges from his enemies.

What is my point with all of this? Just because your work has not been so great or world class does not mean it can’t or won’t. If it is already world class but not reaching the world in a way to be remembered, it is time to share more effectively. No matter where you are on the path, your greatness can still be established and known in order for you to have the greatest impact possible.

Don’t go to work, create art through your action.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin