#3 the spark

What is the 1st thing you can remember wanting to do? Why are you not doing it?

At some point we either become what we dreamed of as a child, or some derivative of it, or we don’t. Somewhere along the way our belief in our dreams was nurtured or our shine was dimmed. There are no excuses either way. It is what it is. The key now is what we choose to do next.

Before you start analyzing your business, you have to look inward to see what’s going on. You have to see how close or far you are from what you set out to be as a child. That was our truest most uninfluenced self. In time we have accumulated layers that have dimmed our shine or we have stayed free of distraction and we are living our dreams. If you are here, you most likely lost sight of things. Again, it is 100% OK to not be what you set out to be, and it is OK to have lost sight of things over time. Don’t judge, be honest and evaluate so you can make an honest move next.

Owning a business is an entrepreneurial ventures. They are not 9 to 5 jobs and they do not have built in benefits. You are not given a playbook and you will have to figure quite a few things out. You put yourself in this position because you are independent, don’t work well for other bosses, you like to serve people, and you just have to be you. If this is not ringing a bell and your only motivation is money or power - I will happily refund your money because we do not belong together.

No matter what your current situation is, you are living the dream. You are running your own business which allows you to be in total control of everything. You can work as much as you want, you can design, build, program, whatever…. It’s your show to run as you see fit. Most likely you had dreams of being some kind of famous person, a solitary athlete, or key figure on a team. That is why you are a leader.

You need to reconnect with that kid who wanted to be something and build from there. Trust me, the 4 year old you knew exactly what would make you happy today. Even better, think what an 80 year old you is going to wish you did different. Go be that person and limit how many things you are going to wish you did later in life.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin