#4 Both sides

It’s weird how life works but good + bad = amazing! If life was all good you would never have anything to define good against. Bad let’s you what is good and good let’s you know what is bad. It’s that balance that let’s us get some feeling and sense of purpose in life.

I have a guy I train. He is in recovery from decades of drugs and alcohol abuse. Decades, yes decades of crazy living. If you ask him about the high years he will tell you that it is the best worst thing to ever happen to him. How can so many years lost in an alcoholic and drug riddled haze be good? Today he is sober. Today he has a job he loves, a house he owns, the dream car he always wanted, and the best relationship with his family in all of his years. All of this is not due to sobriety, it is because he lost everything, got sober, and figured out what he really wanted in life.

I don’t wish rock bottom on anyone. It simply sucks. We all have our low times. We will win some and we will lose many. It is what we do when we lose, fall, or fail that sets the tone for everything else.

Your micro failures up to this point have you in this program, have you hungry to do things different. Without the shake up that failure brings you may be leading an unfulfilled and boring life. Failure in the previous battles have motivated you to do what it takes to win the war.

By accepting your failures and looking inward to define your success, you now are in the best position to win.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin