#9 End with Evaluation

How you end your day is just important as how you start it. If you achieved everything you set out to do in your work blocks, great! Now you can sleep well. If you didn’t achieve everything, you now can evaluate and adjust your schedule for the next day, which should also allow you to sleep well! It is about knowing where you are at all times with your business. You need the confidence of acting with real information and purpose.

Keeping yourself accountable is the key to creating security, peace, and increased productivity. You have to constantly evaluate how you are structuring your goals, going about achieving them, and your success rate in tasks. This is a no judgement zone. It’s all math; plan + action = results. You have to get in the habit of adjusting your plans and actions to get the desired results. This is a great end of day cycle to maintain so you are prepared for the new day with real time data.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin