Something is Better Then Nothing



So I tried to kill myself training last night. I get done holding pads for a few fighters and I just got this crazy idea to try and kill myself with a conditioning circuit? What is wrong with me some days???? I banged out 30-15-7 of box jumps, clean and press, jump pulls, and push ups. Some Metallica and a lot of yelling at myself got me through it. Before I manned up and got it done I was a little nervous. I get that way before these kinds of workouts. It is a prefight type of feeling. You know its going to hurt but you made the commitment so you have no choice but to get it done.

I am no stud in the gym anymore. I am 36, retired from active competition 3 years, and I don’t make enough time for myself to train. I jumped back into conditioning about a month ago. I am doing a third of what the average person at Real Elite does and I am still getting results.

After about 5 weeks of finding the time, I have only completed 3 sessions in 1 of the weeks but I have hit at least 2 in all of them, I can do push ups again and all my clothes finally fit better. I dropped an inch off my pant size and I am filling out my shirts better. My gut doesn’t stick out farther than my chest at least.

The point here is that you don’t have to be a daily gym warrior to get results and you will be amazed at what you can achieve when you set your mind to it. 5 weeks ago I wouldn’t even have thought to do what I did last night. But now I am not so scared, definitely nervous, of a crazy hard workout.

None of us have excuses not to train. We all have 2 to 3 hrs in our week to do something. And that really is the key to getting started. Do something because nothing isn’t working for you or anyone else.

Brian Wright Head Trainer, Real Elite

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