What is Real Elite?



1st and foremost Real is authentic. This means we are experienced professionals. We have years of functional experience in everything we teach and train. 2nd we are a community. If you want a place to do your own thing you should go to a gym. We are a community that subscribes to the same philosophy and we all work together to achieve goals. Our philosophy is simple; Train as a group to create functional strength and skills to benefit our lives and the lives of those around us.

3rd Real is a lifestyle. We don’t train one way and live another. Real is our toolbox. We all come here to gain the tools we need t be successful in and out of Real.

If you look at our history you will find a progression of skills tested through competition and training. Our philosophy has always been the same. Our foundation has always been the same. Our way has incorporated new skills and challenged itself in new ways but we have always been true to Real.

No billing company has dictated that we change to make more money. We haven’t gone to a few seminars and paid for affiliations to make ourselves look accredited. Our changes have come from practical necessity due to the different challenges we have embraced. Our accreditation comes from blood, sweat and a few tears on mats around the world.

We don’t pretend to be for everyone. It is not about being young and strong. It is about having a drive that matches your desire to be better. If you are willing to do the work you will have a home for your efforts at Real Elite.

We respect work.

We respect effort.

We respect each other.

We build each other up.

This is our way. This is what defines Real Elite.

Real Elite 805 4th Ave Asbury Park, NJ, 07712 www.realelitetraining.com

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