Just because you see somebody fight on TV doesn’t mean they are Superman. These guys put their pants on 1 leg at a time just like you. They have the same fears and concerns as the rest of us. I know a fighter from out west, known as one of the toughest bastards on TV, who cries in the back before each fight and begs to just go home. Fear, nerves, anxiety, scared….. these are all part of the human condition. We all have to deal with this. Its the successful ones that process all their humanity in a way that makes them better. What brings others down is fuel for their victory.  

When it comes down to it, you simply have to believe. When you believe in yourself you can do most anything. Anything, is a relative term. If you can believe you can fly you are not going to have a happy ending if you test your belief system out. I recently saw a great lecture on relative belief – your beliefs and your fish bowl have to match. If you try and smash your fish bowl you will die because you smashed you eco system. You have to believe in things that are possible in your world, your real world.

If you want to break out of your fish bowl you need to expand your boundaries as your belief and your goals grow. Don’t go from deadlifting 200 lbs to 600 lbs overnight. You have to grow into that belief. Know you can do it, eventually. If you do the work and keep believing you will reach it. Belief will never trump science.

Yesterday I had a short back and forth with another fighter. This is a vet with big fights in the biggest venues. He is asking me if he can beat a young up and comer. My answer is yes and no. He can beat him any day of the week but he will lose if he doesn’t believe. This fight for this guy is just like every decision we all get faced with during our days. We all have abilities and we all have the potential to succeed in certain things but we won’t if we don’t recognise our abilities, train them, and believe in them.

If you believe in yourself you can achieve success. If you don’t believe, you will never maximise your potential. How many times have you fallen short and you could kick your self for not doing a few things different? More times then not your belief was not grounded in reality or you simply didn’t believe at all. Get in touch with yourself and start believing in you. You are the only person that needs to believe in you because you are the only one who will be doing your own work.

Now get in the gym and find out who you are what you believe! Its time to maximise your potential and be the you you know you can be!

Brian Wright Real Elite