What makes a champion? In most cases it is simply the guy who never quits. If you don’t give yourself the chance you will never get the opportunity to be a champion. Quitting is easy. Picking yourself up and keep moving forward is hard. The struggle is where championships are won. Justin Haskins started his MMA career out with 5 wins that took him from local shows to the pinnacle of MMA at the time, which was the WEC. 5 losses later he wasn’t in the WEC, stuck with a 500 record in local shows again. He could have quit and moved on to find something else to do with his life. It’s not like he didn’t have choices either. Justin has a college degree and was a stockbroker prior to MMA. Quitting just is not part of Justin’s vocabulary.

Some changes in training and belief in himself have got Justin back on a winning track, a Ring of Combat title, and the realistic desire to make it back to the big show. When few believed Justin stayed true to what he knew he wanted. That is the measure of a champion. We don’t beg Justin to train, go more rounds, to eat right….. Justin goes hard on his own. Justin knows what he wants and he is taking it one piece at a time.

I don’t care what you do. We all have the ability to be a champion at something. Training is where we learn to push, to move forward, to never quit…. These are skills that will get us ahead in everything we do in life. For some the fight will be one more rep, others it will be one more round. It doesn’t matter what your fight is as long as you stay in one and keep pushing forward.

You can be like most of the people around you who have quit and joined the herd or you can keep fighting for what you want and be the person you want to be instead of the one people tell you to be.

Brian Wright

Real Elite

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