Do you really want to be a gerbil?

I had a pet gerbil as a kid. He would run on his wheel, drink water out of his bottle, eat, than sleep. Sounds a lot like people I see at the local big box gym who spend hours walking and running on a treadmill then zombie walk around the weight room in between sets and water breaks. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to mimic my childhood pet.  The big box gym ends up being your cage and cages simply suck.

Go to the big box. It is nice and bright with music pumping and flat screens everywhere. They try to make you feel comfortable. They want you to like hanging out there. They don’t want you to work hard because results will make you spend less time wondering around there place a victim for crap they are selling.

Real Elite is not a nice place. We are mean in the best way possible and the spot is blue collar. You know what, we like it this way! We like coming to a mean place to be uncomfortable. We like working together to deal with hard things that make us better. If we want to hang out and watch TV we go home. When we want to sweat and struggle to reconnect we go to Real.

The world around us is designed to desensitize us and turn us into consumers. Big box gyms are no different. Real Elite is different. Yes we sell you stuff too but we don’t bombard you with sales crap. We work you out and charge an honest fee. We are building a tribe that takes care of its self. We are not treating you like a consumer – we are making you a member of our tribe.

I look at it like this. You can be a number that is somebody’s pet all the time walking on that wheel and drinking the drinks your master provides or you can live life on your own terms, be a person with a name, and train with a group of people that get it at Real Elite. We don’t have all the answers but we will train you hard enough that you ask yourself some questions.

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