I hate Authority

I hate authority. I hate being told what to do. I like to do things my way. Why do you think I have been my own boss for the majority of my adult life? I am simply a stubborn S.O.B. who likes to do things his own way. This has worked for me and not. When it comes to training there is a time to be the rebel who wants to go his own way and the time to shut up and just learn from people who know more than we do. I have this one guy training in BJJ at Real Elite who simply won’t let go of his own idea of what BJJ is. This has caused him some pretty rough hours on the mat. I appreciate that he has an FU attitude towards me and some of the better guys on the mat. BUT he is premature with the FU because he doesn’t have the skills to back up the attitude.

BJJ is a science. 2+2 always = 4. In Many ways BJJ is the same as that. The body can only work efficiently so many ways. To try and go against basic principles of BJJ will just get you tapped out and pissed off. I really do appreciate the attitude but you gotta learn from somebody how to do this. If you want me to teach you then you have to do what I tell you.

If you have the skills to back up the attitude then you should be in your own spot with your own group of students doing what you do. If you can’t do that then you have to be someone else’s student and play follow the leader until you are one.

If you can’t follow you better have the tools to lead or you will just have to get out of the way. Be strong. Be an Individual. But never be arrogant or stupid.

I learned these lessons the hard way. I mumbled under my breath hate and frustration as I submitted to the will of those better than me. I didn’t like it but I had to do it because I knew what I wanted and figured out what it would take. What it took was a little humility and lots of practice. If I didn’t listen I never would have learned.

So shut up and just train!

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