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My stepfather lost a long hard battle with Parkinson’s Disease last October. Along the way he used to say to me “If we all put our problems on the table I am sure we would all take our own back.” This was coming from a man who’s body was shutting down system by system for 6 years. He never lost any of his mental faculties and basically became a prisoner in his own body. You would think he was open to deal but his struggle was nothing to him when compared to others. For many of us his struggle was monumentally more difficult then our own. Its all how you look at it.  

Everyone alive has issues. It is part of the human condition. If I went down the roster at Real Elite you would be amazed at how many different issues are being dealt with. You can judge us and say we are a band of misfits, I dare you to do it. If you put the judgement aside you will find a group of people that are not satisfied with their issues and are working to get strong enough to affect positive change.

Every single member is fighting for something. This is the glue that binds us. The only way to have issues with this crew is to not accept responsibility and to pretend. Nobody judges you due to what your problems are. We just want to see you struggling to solve problems just like the rest of us. We are not going to hold hands and confess our demons either. We are going to sweat and struggle to do the things we have in front of us well so we can create a positive pattern that will carry over into our life outside of the gym.

I don’t care what your issue is. I don’t care what your goals are. Success in all things requires the same things; skill, motivation, and effort. That is what we build at Real Elite. Be dedicated enough to learn a skill, stay with training to achieve a goal, and put out the effort needed to maintain positive results. Do it at Real enough and you will be doing it outside as well.

Why do traditional Karate dojo have students wear the same uniforms? Why do they all follow the same protocol? It is to create a common ground for everyone to prosper. Strip away your identity in a lot of ways to get down to the core of why you are there. The “why” is to work. For us, the work is the uniform. We may not all have on white uniforms but we are all covered in sweat. Our common ground is effort. Nobody cares about differences or judges when they are struggling and sweating to get through the task at hand.

So you have problems. Who doesn’t?  No time to feel sorry for yourself. You are either working to solve some things or you are not. It’s your choice – I hope I see you on the mat.

Brian Wright Real Elite

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