Lessons from Irene

So Irene left us on the Jersey shore a little beat up and short on power. Over 24 hrs ago the power went down. Oh no! No TV, Internet, Playstation, etc…. What to do? I took a nice freezing cold shower, remember no power means no hot water heater. I read, my girl and I talked, we went for a walk….. we acted like normal human beings without our daily distractions. It was really nice for a change to have a schedule that coincided with mother nature and no distractions beyond ourselves to deal with. Its amazing how many stars you can see without the glow from our homes, how quiet it is without the buzz of technology in the way, and how peaceful it can be knowing there is nothing on TV to watch, no emails to open, no social networks once the smartphone battery died…..  

My girl said it best via text this morning “It took a hurricane to get you to unplug and chill out!” sad but true. Obviously I am plugged in again today but a little less connected and more open to turning it off if only for a little while to recharge myself.

I feel that a time of disconnect beyond our gym time is needed to keep on our sustained healthy lifestyle. True balance is found in body, mind, and spirit. Disconnecting will help in the mind and spirit departments for sure. Take mother nature and my girls advice – Unplug and Chill Out!

Brian Wright Real Elite www.realelitetraining.com