My Turn



I always talk about walking the talk. You all know I sure do talk a lot. My turn to man up.  

Last night one of my up and comers got knocked out early in the 1st round of a Muay Thai fight we all really couldn’t see him losing. It didn’t matter what we saw because his opponent had a different idea. This is 1 to many fights as of late that have gone wrong. As a trainer I am kind of crushed right now. All the guys I care so much about all have been finished in brutal fashion. I have to take ownership of this. What the fuck went wrong?

Last night I will admit to wanting to stop doing this. Doing this being, training fighters. We train so hard and as of late we have gotten so little in return. It has been one big bitter pill to swallow. I was sitting there being miserable when I remembered something Vince Lombardi said “The only difference between a champion and a loser is that a champion never quit.” So I am picking myself up and moving forward.

I have been knocked down quite a bit in this sport. It’s the nature of the beast. But I have always gotten back up. I pride myself on how much punishment I can take and keep smiling. This is one of those times I gotta take the hit and keep coming forward. How can I lead people if I don’t?

I really do love me students/fighters. They trust me and take on the challenges I put in front of them. When they get knocked down, so do I. Time to man up, take the hits, and figure this out.

Time to get back to Elite status.

Brian Wright

Real Elite

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