Training is a numbers game. The more numbers you put up and put out the closer to your goals you get. What number matters? Actually, they all do. But if you put to much importance on a number so it takes away your ability to do more, you have a problem. I don’t know how clear that is or even if I am getting a usable point across?Let me break it down; you can’t get frustrated because the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time you do something its not perfect. Frustration early on takes away your ability to do work. You end up bogged down getting 5 or 6 crappy, frustrating, miserable things done. Scratch that, nothing is really being done besides spinning your wheels. So 1 isn’t perfect. Let it go and focus on the next one. If that isn’t working, move on to the next and on and on…. until you get it.A good coach, trainer, etc… will guide on your path. Let them help you with the adjustments you need to improve. If they aren’t helping you adjust, you have to trust that they are letting you work through it. If they never ever help you adjust, they simply don’t care enough to be your trainer and you should move on. Some trainers hold your hand through the process and others throw you into deep water to see if you can swim. Figure out your trainers system/style/method and go with it, or not.  I talk about frustration quite a bit. It is the number 1, 2, and 3 issue for most people training. Everyone wants it right now! But things develop in their own time. Getting stronger takes time. getting good at martial arts takes a lifetime! Everything worth doing takes time to get good at. That is why it is so worth doing. We can only learn by taking on challenges that force us to let go of our own ideas and give ourselves over to something new. New things are what keep us young and motivated. See how this works? Its a cascading trail of positive things that create a better life.

Keep moving forward. Don’t get stuck on 1 or 2 when you can keep working towards an unlimited amount of positive growth. If you fail along the way you are simply reminding yourself that you are human. Get up and move forward to the next number.

Brian Wright Real Elite