One Shot

This week has been one boot to the teeth after another. I have 2 dogs. One passed in his sleep a few days ago and the other is going to pass any day now due to terminal cancer. A good friend, famed trainer Shawn Tompkins, passed away 2 days ago. My stepfather’s, who passed last October, birthday is this week. Lots of sad shit.This is one of those times where you wonder about how much more can you have thrown at you? It is also one of those times you can get real about where you are at and appreciate the things you still have. I am reasonably healthy for a guy who has put his body through the ringer, I have a loving family around me, my team is good, business is picking up, I have a great place to live……. It really isn’t that bad is it? That’s the drill right now. Let things drag me down or lift my ass up and keep moving forward.  

Shawn passing is a big shock. He was only 37. We didn’t talk for the past year due to some business bullshit. This whole situation puts things into perspective. Never let business get in the way of personal relationships. We don’t always get the time needed to repair things. It is best to meet things head on and figure it out before you lose the chance.

When you don’t want to do what you know you should; think about the people you have lost the chance with, the deals that fell by, the pounds you have put on, the time you have wasted….. Get up and get busy believing and living your life.

We only get one shot at this thing we know as life. Live it your way.

Brian Wright Real Elite