Only You Know

When you hit your limit is totally up to you. When you are forced to push to failure, you set the fail point. You can tell everyone what your fail point is but when everyone goes and it is just you and yourself, you can honestly say if you went to fail or not. Nobody but you will ever know the truth. Hopefully it is a truth you can live with.  

If you quit before you are done you are not cheating anyone but yourself; unless you are sparring because then you are letting your partner down. You know if the kick hit you in the leg or the groin. You know if you are truly hurt or just looking for a way out. You know if you have one more rep or not. You always know the truth.

Quitting is so easy. It stops the pain. It is what that little voice wants from you. Just stop so you don’t have to suffer anymore. Great! No more pain! Nothing better then what you have either. No more stronger, no more better, no more anything….. Wait, that isn’t so great. That is just one big regret waiting to happen.

Hard things make you think that quitting is ok. They make you believe for a moment that you won’t care later. They whisper BS in your ear.  The truth is that you always know you quit. You will have to live with the fact that you were weak when faced with a challenge. It may be a bitter pill now but wait, it will get that much worse. When you are older and can’t do what you once could, you will look back and regret the things you didn’t do and now never will.

When you look back at your life you should be proud of it all. You may fall short and do things you are not happy about. BUT you can pick yourself up and not do them again. You can be proud of that. If you fail and never try again you will just have a sad history of negativity and regret. Its not about never failing, its about never giving up.

You will get your figural or literal teeth kicked in many times in this life. The strong ones spit out the broken teeth, suck it up, and move forward. Weak people will cry about the loss of their teeth or blame somebody else. Strength is taking responsibility for one’s life and never quitting.

You want to do pull ups. Then grab that bar and pulllllllllllllll. You want to be a good fighter. Then listen to your coach and train train train. Success is not rocket science. Its lots of work, skill, and determination.

Live in a way you can be proud of. Live in a way that makes you comfortable in your own skin.

“Live life a way you won’t regret” Miyamoto Musashi

Brian Wright Real Elite