Prove It

So you want to be a fighter, successful, in better shape, somebody….. Stop telling me and everyone else what you want to be and just prove it to yourself. “I want to come to fighter training” but you dog it in class. “I want to see my abs” but you slack on your training. “I want to be successful” but you lay on couch more then you do basically anything. Before you can show the rest of us you have to prove it to yourself that you have what it takes to achieve anything. Some people think I am a mean prick of a coach just to be a mean prick of a coach. Cold hard fact; sparring, training, fighting, LIFE…. they are all hard things that will cut you no slack. I will get off your ass when I start seeing your adversaries giving you a break to recover or letting you just take what you want. Until then I am up your butt because only the strong and motivated rise to the top in this world.

If you are satisfied with mediocre simply coast. If you want to be more talk then walk simply coast. If you want to be Elite simply go for it 100%. Tired, don’t care. Beat up, don’t care. Don’t “want to today”, don’t care. Stop complaining and coming up with excuses. Go for it and see how far you can go. Success is on the other side of Hell. Stop and you will stay in Hell. Keep driving through and you will find Heaven.

Remember, when I am up your ass yelling at you its because I care. If I left you alone to underachieve I would be doing you a disservice. If you are going to pay me to be your coach i am going to coach you not blow smoke up your ass.

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