So Many Choices

Freedom of choice is the great American way. We are raised to believe that it is the ability to choose that sets us apart and defines our freedoms. It is true that our freedom is choice but why do we have so many things to choose from?! What happened to simple? Now everything is so complex and diverse. My phone can do just about everything and I had 100 different ones to choose from. Great! I have options but what do all these options do besides make me wish I had something better then what I have. I am not saying we need to take away our freedoms or our choices. What we need to do is find a simple way to clarify our needs and goals so we can find some satisfaction.


To simplify, some will drop their worldly possessions and go to contemplate their navel on a mountain top. I have too many connections in my world to go get lost at high altitude for more than a few days at most. I use the gym to simplify and satisfy. It is amazing how simple everything is when you have nothing but the next motion that has to get done in front of you. It’s nothing fancy. It is just work. We set a simple goal and we go for it. If we go for it hard enough we forget about everything else and really find out who we are right then and there. The past falls away and the future isn’t something we need to worry about. All we have to do is what we have in front of us to be done.


Now when I say gym, I mean my gym, Real Elite or other spots like it. I am not talking about the big box gyms with TV’s, 100 treadmills, and a juice bar. The big box is another commercial entity designed to create marketing opportunities so you stay confused and always dissatisfied. By being confronted by bold images of a life you may never get, they keep you thinking your life sucks. They keep you buying and spending to get a taste for “the good life”. Come work out with me and I will show you that your life doesn’t suck. You will see that you are stronger then you ever knew. You are better than the ads want you to be. You will find out that you are living “the good life”. It’s not about believing in an image. It is about believing in the truth.


There is a satisfaction in knowing your own truth. Everything else becomes easier when we know who we are and what we want. Choices are no longer an issue because our choices will fall in line with our understanding of our self. It isn’t about what anybody else would want us to do. It is what we know we want to do.


If you want to know who you are, train. If you want to know what you truly want, train. The answers are so simple when you force yourself to ask the right questions. If you don’t know the kind of life you want to live, choosing what phone you are going to get really doesn’t matter does it? Riding that stationary bike to nowhere isn’t solving to many problems now is it? Get in to a Real gym and challenge yourself. Only through taking on a challenge can we find any answers to questions worth asking.


Brian Wright

Real Elite