What A difference A Year Makes!



January 1st 2010 was a rough time for Real. We were struggling to get by and the membership was lacking a cohesive bond. We had a few fighters coming through but no consistent competitive team action.  

Fast forward to January 1st 2011 – head trainer Brian Wright is in Las Vegas cornering Greg Soto at UFC 125, Vinny is working with the guys at our new facility finishing our new strength and conditioning room, membership is at an all time high, fighters are coming from 4 states to train, we have 8 to 10 fights coming up over the next 3 months, and more…….. It is good to be Real Elite in 2011.

Why the turnaround? It came from leadership. Brian Wright woke up 1 day and said “Enough!” He understood that when you are unhappy with the results you are getting you have to make a change. And Change he did. The big box gym was scrapped for a more personal space in Asbury Park. This allowed us to cut the overhead way down so we can focus on doing things our way vs chasing a dollar. Getting back to Real training got Brian back into a positive training cycle which attracted some new talent and the rest is history.

Real has always been about the work. Our space in Asbury Park gives us the ability to stay true to our original ideals while providing a specialized space that produces results.

If you haven’t been to the new space you need to come see what we have going on! Real Elite Training Center – Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, Strength and Conditioning!

Real Elite

805 4th Ave

Asbury Park, NJ, 07712

(732) 481-9117


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