Who Is In Control?

Everything you do in training will have an effect on your fighting. If you never give up control while doing work you won’t be able to adjust if things don’t go your way in a fight. If you train nervous or scared because your holder is aggressive and abusive you will fight nervous which burns energy you need to win.  

Training needs to be hard but positive. You need to create a positive response to challenges and you can only do this by training correctly. Get a good pad holder to work with, one who will push you to react without stressing you out.

Don’t forget to move. If you are going to stand still and hit you should just get on a heavybag and save your holders elbow health. You have to develop a pattern of hit and move. Adjust your distance as your holder moves.

One more point about holding; have your holder stand the way your opponent will be. Holding from Southpaw or Conventional makes a big difference in distance and feel. You need to see in training what you will see in the fight.

Now go train!

Brian Wright Real Elite www.realelitetraining.com