Just had a 5 ft nothing 200 lb woman come in to inquire about classes. The kicker is that she is a state employed nutritionist for the school system?! I shit you not. I do at times say what I should only be thinking and this was one of those times. I asked her how the hell she can give nutritional counseling in the condition she is in? She handled it well considering my lack of tact. She had no real answer and the info she started sharing was down right scary. This poor woman is on appetite suppressants prescribed by a doctor! Her doctor wants her to take pills and go for walks? Are you kidding me?! She wants to start training “To get down to a better weight.” She also “Dropped all that fatty stuff. You know, fried foods, candy, and icecream.” So, her idea of getting shape is taking pills and starving herself. I am down with dropping the crap calories but the bread and water diet just won’t cut it either.

My head is still spinning from this encounter. A degree in nutrition, state employed, and doctor misdirected; total disaster funded by our tax dollars. In 5 minutes I broke down the problems I had with her plan or lack there of. Functional changes that lead to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle instead of the crash course, heavy medicated crap she is doing right now.

The way she is going about change will last around a minute. I know I have the ability to come up with a plan that is not to radical that will create change she can sustain for years. This is what we all really want. I know we all want a certain “look” or feel. You can crash diet and binge train to get there but you can’t maintain it. Balance out your work, rest, fuel, and stress to get where you want and stay there!

I have gone over my system in past posts. If you know me you know what I am preaching. The main thing in this post is that I am continually flabbergasted (yes, I used the word flabbergasted because it is such a cool word to use) by the poor education and lack of real information about health, nutrition, and fitness. I am most appalled (another great word) by the prescribed pills, gastro bands, etc... Doctors will use instead of creating positive change for people.

Healthy living takes a a group effort to motivate and educate each other so we stay the course. We don’t need government funding and food charts. We need a kick in the ass when we are falling off and a pat on the back when we are doing good things by people we respect. You have the power to choose how you live and the people you surround yourself with. No more excuses, pills, potions, and powders. Put in the work and get in with the right people.

Enough - time to train.

Brian Wright Real Elite

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