The moment of TRUTH

We all fight. Some fight verbally, digitally, and politically while others do it physically. They all demand a certain focus and have consequences. Physical action is the purest form of combat due to its risk and dependence on immediate attention. Yell at me and hurt my feelings. Punch me in the face and I may be damaged forever. Attack a mountain and you may lose your toes or your life. Attack an ocean and you may never see land again. Physical action is where life is found. In taking on challenges beyond our boundaries is where living is done. By risking the quality of our life or life itself we come in touch with the reality that one of these days we are going to die. Life can be an illusion or life can be a reality. Stay safe and only venture past the boundaries of your mind and you are creating an illusion. Actually go out and do something, and you are dealing with reality.

Why do I love weight lifting? Its just like Henry Rollins said “Your girl may leave and your dog may die but 100 pounds will always be 100 pounds.” It is always what it is and I can test my connection to reality by picking that weight up and doing something with it. Am I strong? That weight will never lie to me. I can’t talk it up or think about it. I have to grab a hold and lift. The truth of who I am that moment is right in front of me.

Are you real or are you fake? Test yourself. Ask your self what you are capable of then go out and try to do it. “I can do 50 push ups!” Then show me. “I am the best salesman!” Ok, make a sale. You get the point.

If your 100% real you will be able to match your belief with your action. If you are grounded in reality you will accept your situation if you can’t do what you thought you could. If you are fake you will be looking for excuses. Do yourself a favor and get grounded. You are who you are. I am not saying you can’t be more but you can’t be greater then who you are right now at this moment.

It all sounds so simple. But the truth is that most people never test themselves. Most people have no clue who they are or what they are really capable of. Most people will talk and dream but never act. This is the moment of truth, are you prepared to stop daydreaming and to take action?

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