Turn it off!!!!!

I am sitting here in front of my computer going on 3 hrs. I am getting digital fatigue! I am sure that I am not the only one feeling it. Facebook just redid its page to help us interact more. Twitter is on our phone, computer, TV.... ipads, iphones, droids etc. are streaming constant content to us no matter where we are. Its so hard to unplug. Face to face interaction is getting less and less. Forget about nature, who goes outside anymore? Another one of the multitude of reasons I hate big box gyms is that they keep us wired in too. At one club I had a TV/DVD/CD/MP3 player attached to my machine. Most stick with TVs everywhere along with blasting sound and stacks of mags. I thought we went to gyms to unplug from pop culture and get more plugged in to ourselves? Are we not going to the gym to get grounded?

We all could use a run outside. Pound some pavement, a trail, or some sand. Leave your headphones behind and find out what your mind has to offer, what your surroundings have to share. Digital is make believe. What is inside and what is going on around you is reality. Pound some pavement and take notice of all those things you missed while playing Call of Duty all night!

Forget your Universal this or your Max Muscle that machine. Throw some weight on a bar and see if you can lift it, squat it, swing it.... find out what a stabilising muscle is.  Risk a bump or 2 on your pretty shins by jumping on a plyo box. Find out that the reward is way worth the risk! Swing a kettlebell, flip a tire, slam a sledge hammer! All of the above will work you, ground you, and rebuild you in ways your machines never will.

To play in the functional strength world you need to actually learn some skills. It is a challenging way to go that gets real results. You won’t just look good but you will actually be truly strong, healthy, and fit.

Get out of your air conditioned big box and go get some fresh air. It’s a big world that you have a chance to play in every day of your life. Don’t continue the downward spiral that others are on by cooping yourself in front of one box then crammed into another!

Now turn off your computer and go pound some pavement!

Brian Wright Real Elite

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