Unleash the Beast

I get wrapped up in my work like everyone else. There are days and weeks that my pattern doesn’t go much further then the 3 blocks between my gym and my home. It becomes a routine of same old same old - eat work eat work work eat sleep and do it again. Not the most creative way to go about life and a real killer of chance opportunity. Chance opportunity only comes to those that venture out beyond their comfort zone and put themselves out there. We all find ourselves in a cave every once in a while, figurative or literal. Cut off from the rest of the world, surrounded by digital noise or isolation - we get stuck detached from the world around us. Life can feel like the minimal amount of characters Twitter allows us to interact in between TV shows when we get out of work.

There is supposed to be more? What is the problem? Why is it so easy to fall into that cave and lose sight of whats around us? Lack of purpose? Lack of effort? Probably a little of both.

Now what? Waste away detached and artificially stimulated?

I read the other day “If you can’t solve it with squats or fish oil, you can’t solve it!” Its funny and truthful. If you can’t shake your funk with some hard work and anti-inflamatories, you need some professional help. The key to getting out of a funk and grounded is some hard work that makes you sweat and struggle.

I don’t care what anyone says, we are animals. Highly evolved animals but animals none the less. We have primal instincts that helped us survive and adapt without all the comforts we now afford. Our caves before were literal and sheltered us from the harsh reality of nature. Now we have figurative caves that shelter us from reality. For many, our survival instincts are lost in a puddle of inactivity, lack of stimulation, booze, and technology.

Sometimes you have to feed the beast. Allow yourself the opportunity to be the animal you are so your body can perform optimally, perform the way it was designed to. You don’t have to run naked through the woods with a rock after a deer for food. You just have to drop your tech and get in the gym or out in the world to lift, throw, push, pull.... your way through some kind of activety. Put your body in physical stress so it has to repsond. Screw your treadmill - no risk, no stimulation. Machines are just an extension of the system that is killing your primal instincts. Do something that requires balance, speed, agility.... challenge yourself, not just push yourself.

It’s really ok to be an animal. It is rather liberating and empowering. You get to smash some barriers and remember what living is all about. In time you will find that purpose and effort will become your friend. Our bodies love to be worked. Treat it well and work it hard. It will reward you with energy and clarity.

Strip away your tech, get connected to something real, and let that beast out.!

Brian Wright Real Elite

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