I am not PC

I am definitely not politically correct. I tend to say whats on my mind. I don’t spout random thoughts, I speak my mind and speak only what I believe. I am not always right and I can admit when I’m wrong, but you better have good firepower to prove me wrong :) Basically, I am who I am and that’s it. You can take it or leave it, I am not changing to make anyone happy. Some of my writing is harsh. I pull from my experience and interactions. Some people get dragged into my posts and they don’t like it. I am not purposely offending but if you give me an opportunity to get a point across, I am taking it. I have a system of training and a way to live my life. It works for me and lots of other people. Part of our way is seeing what we do and do not like about the world around us. If you got caught in the free fire zone, I am sorry but you shouldn’t have walked into a firing range wearing a bulls-eye.

My biggest problem with politically correct is that it is a lie. You hold your tongue or reshape your words to fit into someone else’s idea of communication. It is not real, it is a fabricated lie. Do you want me to kiss your ass when you are in front of me or when I am writing about you or do you want to know what I am really thinking and saying when you are not around? I would rather know what you really think then have you blow smoke up my ass.

I believe everyone can overcome the obstacles put in front of them. I don’t write to hold anyone back. I write to let everyone know that they are not the only one’s facing adversity, lack of education, false info, brainwashing, etc.... and they can overcome it and achieve their goals. I am not here to have happy talks that make you warm and fuzzy inside. I tell it like it is. If its going to be hard and hurt, I am telling you. No blindside here. You know what you are getting into and you know what the result will be. If you feel its worth it, you can go for it.

It’s all about progress people. Get beyond your hurt feelings and get something real done. Tough love and truth gets results.

Do work!

Brian Wright Real Elite

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