What do you bring to the table?



What do you bring to the table? Are you only looking at yourself? I look at it like this, you can out and eat alone or you can bring some friends or loved one’s along and share a meal. Eating alone in a crowded room is not my idea of fun. Many of us live a life that is like eating alone. We focus on our needs alone and walk through life trying to get ours with limited concern for those around us. Our interactions become more digital then real world and our real world has to do with work or some kind of social experience infused with distractions like alcohol and/or events that overwhelm our ability to communicate. Above sucks. It is a pretty bleak picture. Most of us are not living completely as written but we all have our moments. We all have isolation times. We pull back from reality and hole up in our own little worlds for whatever reasons. Do it often and you will lose touch. Do it to often and you will have a hard time finding your way back.

Ask your self, what is my focus? Is it me or the world around me? The world is way more interesting and engaging then we can every be alone. We can choose to be a part of this big picture or we can be just another grain of sand on the beach.

What is the point of all this gibberish I am typing???? What is your contribution to those around you? Are you a positive connection, a non issue, or a lead weight dragging people down? How you are perceived is what you really are. You may have the best intentions, thoughts, or ideas inside. If you don’t get them out in a way people will understand, you are not much of anything.

Try to shift your focus today. Take the spotlight off you. Shine some light on those around you. Interact with people in a way that doesn’t just have you waiting for them to finish talking so you can say what you want. Listen to what someone has to say. See whats going on around you. Get offline for a bit and go do something! Even better, go do something with someone that doesn’t involve artificial stimulation! Go outside, go train, run, jump, laugh, tell a story - don’t go to the movies, watch TV, or hit a bar. Be real and experience life in its natural state.

There is nothing more real then that piece of metal you have to lift at the gym. If you can’t figure out what to do today, go lift with someone or take a class that forces you to work together. Try kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, etc.... Nothing artificial there. Create a bond through hard work. There are no like buttons at the gym, photo uploads, instant messages, wall posts..... Just you and the people around you combined with some hard work bound by sweat and effort.

Live as a member of our society, contribute beyond your personal space, experience life today.

Brian Wright Real Elite

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