Training with Trigg

So I am in Las Vegas to train Kurt Pellegrino for his up coming fight in Bellator, Nov. 26th, in AC. After a bumpy start, we are now finding our groove. Xtreme Couture opened their doors to us so we can maximize our time here. Score! We now have a home base with great people to train. Frank Trigg was cool enough to give Kurt some time this morning. We gave him a call last night to see if he was around and he didn’t hesitate to help. He showed up on time with a list of things to think about because he watched all of our opponents fights last night. You can’t get more professional then this.

I know that Frank Trigg is very good. But to work with him and talk with him keys you into how much information this guy really has to share. He is a unique master of MMA that you can’t find many places. I don’t say this about to many people but his generosity and knowledge surprised me.

Today was a reminder of why I love training in Martial Arts. If you can get past the ego and money men to find some serious people who love their arts, you will find some real beauty.

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