You ever have this overwhelming sense of love for the people around you? I just got back from a training trip to Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. While I was gone I really missed my family, my girlfriend, my fight team, and my gym members. It wasn’t a lonely thing, it was truly a love thing. I have worked most of my life to develop a positive way to teach and train. Those around me get this way and support/share in it. This common bond has filled me with a sense of joy and love I cannot fully express. Having a purpose in action is key to success. Having a shared purpose makes the journey so much easier. My tribe is growing. It is growing around an idea and is taking root in all of our actions. This idea is that hard work and disciplined training creates success in all aspects of our lives. It is simple, learn to do what we do at Real Elite well and we now have the skills to do everything well.

People say business and personal need to stay separate. This is true in many cases but pretty hard in what I do because it is a personal kind of business. We are buying and selling commodities here. We are creating positive change and creating personal strength. We all were born into a family, at Real Elite we are creating a 2nd family through hard work and shared effort. This is no cult or religion. We don’t brainwash and demand loyalty to a brand. We simply work hard. We are a tribe that aspires to be better and we recognize that we can be so much better together then on our own.

So if you think its weird that I have so much feeling involved in my work, you don’t get what we do. This isn’t weight lifting, this is dream fulfilling. If you want more and you need to learn how to believe in something, come see me and start making your dreams realities. Be prepared because this is no easy road, but it is worth every drop of sweat.

Brian Wright Real Elite

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