Anything worth it?

Vince Lombardi said it best “Play every play like it is your last.” No truer words have been spoken. Kurt Pellegrino is fighting in Bellator November 26th. He keeps telling me this is his last fight. We are 20 something days out, so I am thinking about him and fighting quite a bit right now. We trained together for his last fight in the UFC, which he lost. That fight was a comeback after knee surgery and a loss. Right now the pressure is on to get a win and see if Kurt is retiring on a high note or continuing with his fight career. This really could be his last play. As an athlete, you never know if today is your last day living the life. Injury is always hanging out there. A wrong move and you are working at Walmart. This isn’t a desk job you can recover from. This is a physical battle that you may never be the same from. Its a pressure only a few can appreciate.

A samurai once said, “The warrior most prepared to die in battle has the best chance of survival.” To get something worth getting you have to be prepared to lose everything. Kurt needs to want to win more then anything else for 15 minutes November 26th. Its carry your shield or get carried out on it time. He knows it. I know it. Now, you know it too.

The question I pose to you is this; Do you have anything in your life worth risking everything for?

Brian Wright Real Elite

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