New Year's Resolution

I just realized its almost Thanksgiving?! Damn, time is flying by! Before you know it you will be talking New Year’s Resolutions, which are a bunch of crap. Why wait to make some changes? It is just as bad as telling me you need to get in shape before you come train? You need to get in shape to get in shape???? Just train! I eat as close to Primal as possible; limited to no grains, no dairy, no legumes, lots of vegetables, fruit, and protein. With the holidays coming I need to be prepared for the assault on my eating habits. I need to figure a way to stay on point so I don’t crash and quit training, eating well, and staying motivated.

Last year I walked into New Year’s at 220 lbs of seriously bad condition. My stepfather did pass in October and my stress was monumental but it really shouldn’t have been an excuse. I went to Vegas for the UFC Jan 1st to corner a fighter. I did him and myself a dis-service by being in poor shape. Lesson learned and I am working to maintain a much more trim and healthy 185 to 190 lbs. If I can do it, you can too.

If you want to give yourself an early gift this year, get to work. Start training now so you have a positive pattern in place that will empower you to not stray to far from healthy this holiday. A good class with other people is a great way to stay on course. Doing it alone is hard. What you can do, WE can do better. Take a martial arts class or do some strength & conditioning. These activities will not just get you in shape but engage you in ways bodybuilding or treadmills won’t.

Be strong this year and don’t allow your self excuses or any time to procrastinate. Get to work and stay working. No New Year’s Resolutions, just continue your positive ways into the new year.

Brian Wright Real Elite

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