Up and Down

In sport and in life you gotta ride the roller coaster effect of the ups and downs. Kurt Pellegrino and I put 10 weeks of hard training and traveling to prepare for a 50 second nightmare at Bellatore live on MTV2. A bad stop by a ref ended what could have been a great fight. The only thing to say is, “Shit Happens.” To top it off, I woke up sick the following morning :) What now? The same thing that we all have to do. Make a choice. Stay down or get up? I am in the process of getting up. It really is the only choice. This is not the 1st or the last time I will be in a position like this. The key to ultimate victory is getting up more then you get knocked down.

We all will put time and effort into something with an intended result that just won’t happen. This is the nature of life. It doesn’t always work out the way we want. If it did, it would be easier but we also wouldn’t learn as much or try as hard. Its the adversity that makes us better.

Don’t let the downs keep you down. Keep getting up and moving forward. That’s where the winning is done.

Brian Wright Real Elite

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