What is your purpose?

I talk all the time about a purpose driven life. Not the book by the preacher, but the actual concept itself. Purpose is the glue that binds our thoughts, feelings, and actions together. With a purpose we have direction and quantifiable proof that our existence matters. Some will never find a purpose, some will know and understand theirs from birth, and others will find it somewhere along the way. A student of mine has struggled all his life with some serious addictions. A lot of living other peoples’ idea of life and lots of roll playing to get by eventually broke him. Legal issues, a divorce, and no job pushed him to the edge. He had a choice. be honest about who he is and what he wants out of life or keep playing rolls that lead to nowhere good. He chose a more honest path and is now in a field he was most likely always meant to be in. His relationships are better, he is making money doing something he truly loves and his addiction is just another issue instead of THE issue.

Finding what you feel you where meant to do brings clarity for everyone. The key is being open and strong enough to recognize your purpose. You may wake up one day and realize this life you lead isn’t the one you where meant to live. You may have to shed some things to gain what you want and need to be truly happy.

Purpose and happiness are not about money. They are about finding a balance that fulfills you beyond what any material comfort can.

I am not telling you to drop everything and head for the hills to stare at a rock until the universe answers some questions. I am talking about having an honest discussion with yourself to recognize your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your life, accept your reality, then act accordingly. Our lives can be super scary, especially when we have let the world around us control them for too long.

You are who you are but are you the you you were meant to be? Are you a warrior enough to stand up and fight for the life you know is yours? Success and failure at the end will most likely come down to were we willing to fight for what we believed or did we allow ourselves to be lead?

Purpose means we matter. Purpose is not a singular thing. It defines your place in the order of things. We are all connected. No one man is an island to himself. How do we fit into this world and what is our contribution? Purpose in action. Action to define our purpose.

Brian Wright Real Elite

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