Real Elite at Dead Serious Dec 17th

Real Elite entered Alex Stine into the 2nd installment of the Amateur MMA show Dead Serious, Dec 17th, Rahway, NJ. Alex is the 1st home grown Real fighter in quite some time to step into the Amateur Cage. Once again the Real Elite tradition of heavy striking continues. Alex walked out without the W but he was covered in his opponent's blood and his head held high. Alex and the Real crew went to dinner while his opponent went to the hospital. You can’t take anything away from his opponent's victory. He played the game well and won by taking Alex down repeatedly in rds 1 and 3. Alex did what we as asked of him; Simply compete better then the last time and prove to yourself you can do this. Have fun and just fight! Alex is 18 with only 1 Kickboxing bout under his belt. The Kickboxing bout was a rough ride because Alex wasn’t prepared mentally. This fight was about believing in the training and himself. Alex did both and put on a show.

Alex cut his opponent wide open with the 1st punch he landed. Both fighters landed hard shots but Alex definitely won the striking exchanges with hard punches, kicks and knees. He was taken down but worked back up each time. It was a great fight that cage side observers remarked could be the Am fight of the year in NJ.

Amateur MMA is a great arena for fighters to test themselves and improve their games before they attempt to go pro. Winning and losing is not defined by the score cards as much as by the personal development. Sounds like a rationalization for guys who lose but it really is the truth. As a coach I never want to lose and I am never “OK” with it but I do understand it happens. The key to success is taking that loss and building a foundation for future success with it.

Real Elite has been quietly developing young guns that will continue a tradition that Alex restarted. Look for more new faces and heavy hitting in 2012.

Brian Wright Real Elite

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