Are you drinking the Coolaid?

Most Martial Arts and Fitness businesses develop their own unique tribe of members. This is a natural occurrence considering the fact that you spend many hours there struggling with the people around you towards a common goal. Many of us promote what we are doing via social media, spoken word, and even our clothing - gym shirts, hoodies, etc... This is all good stuff. Be proud of your tribe. Help your tribe expand by spreading the word. Now here it comes..... the BIG BUT. Spread the word about your favorite training spot BUT do you really have to try and hijack somebody else’s positive post to sell your own brand? I am all for positive change but not at the expense of others. As a business owner, I feel the market place is big enough for all of us. I don’t need to put anyone out of business to keep mine running strong. I am not about your business, I am about running mine as best I can. On the student side, I believe that you have to be open to the reality that there is no 1 way for everyone. Your stuff works great for you, but something else may work better for others.

I am a big believer in the Primal Blueprint. I have a bunch of vegans that think I am nuts. It works for me and it may or may not work for you. I am not losing sleep over it. Your gym has a million fighters and the 100 champions - good for you. My gym gets me to where I want to go. Happiness comes in many different ways and we all don’t view them the same.

Let it go people. Do your thing. Share your results. Let people make their own choices.

The only time I condone going after another business is when they are being unsafe. We need to self police at times for general safety and well being. Differing philosophies are one thing but physically damaging is another. If you are doing stupid things that hurt people, I will call you on your BS.

Martial Arts and Fitness are about positive change. When we start attacking each other for no reason beyond being from separate tribes, we are creating negativity. Trust me, I fall into the negativity trap too. I have my friends and my enemies. Its not all technical training based either. I don’t go out and blog about the people I don’t like but I may have a word or 2 (or 3) if you ask me face to face. Remember what Aristotle said “A friend to everyone, is a friend to no one.”

Enough happy slappy we are all one crap. Go train! Rep your tribe! Mind your own business :)

Brian Wright Real Elite

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