Failure can be success

In training you get pushed to failure. This is one of the few places and times where failure is a good thing. You pushed so hard that you have nothing left. There is that old saying “Quitting is not an option.” That’s not true. Quitting is always an option. You just have to choose to not take it if you want to truly push to failure. Failure is a tool to find our max and expand it. You shouldn’t push to failure everyday. At least don’t push the same motion to failure everyday. Give your body time to recover and grow stronger. It is not the work that makes you stronger. Its a balance of work, rest, and fuel that makes you stronger. Its just like the harmonious being concept of body, mind, and spirit. balance is the key to all success.

Try to push yourself at least once a week to your fail point. Work until you strip everything away and have nothing left. Make failure your success. When you want to quit, keep going and let your body, not your mind decide what your limit is. You will learn quite a bit about yourself and learn how to push through the negativity your mind can throw at you.

Stay safe. Don’t push through injury. Learn to recognize the difference between pain from fatigue and pain due to something being damaged. Remember that we are using this as a tool to ultimately get stronger not create long term damage or push to a place that there is no recovery.

What do you have to lose? Only the things you don’t need. Push, push, push! Just go for it.

Brian Wright Real Elite

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