Jon "Jesus" Jones

So I watched an interview with Jon Jones and Rashad. Holy sick to my stomach people. Jon is no longer “Bones”, I will only refer to him as Jon “Jesus” Jones. This dude is talking about being humble while simultaneously professing his greatness and inspirational qualities. If “Jesus” was truly humble he would be speaking of somebody else’s greatness while we choose to profess about his. Greg Jackson is a well read guy who infuses his training with philosophy, history, whatever he needs to inspire his people. In “Jesus” Jones he may have gone too far. Jon is trying to channel the spirits of the famous dead and emulate the likes of Mohamed Ali. Ali was truly great; Jones is still working towards it. I for one hope Rashad knocks “Jesus” back down to earth so he can realize he isn’t the 2nd coming but instead a mere mortal like the rest of us. Don’t feel bad for him when he falls, he has a Bentley to drive home in.

Jon Jones is special. Not so much for his ability as for his freak measurements. He is what? 6 ft 4? But his reach is longer then 6 ft 11 Struves. His sweat doesn’t cure cancer, his tears don’t rehydrate barren soil, his shit does actually stink, and unlike Chris Angle, he can’t walk on water. OK, he is a good fighter but his real advantage is his freak reach that you simply can’t train for. He also throws straight kicks to the legs that are borderline illegal. I think these kicks are dick moves. I am all for the violence in MMA but I am not down with techniques that can cave a knee and end a career. MMA fighters are always on the verge of a career ender, those kicks just bring you that much closer to the end.

I know fights need to be hyped. We are in the business of entertaining people. If “Jesus” keep the personal accolades to a minimum and let the rest of us idiots praise him I would feel a little better. “Jesus” Jones is the guy I pay to watch just in case he loses. I want to see him lose. I want 205 to be more competitive. Will somebody please step up and just smack this kid in the mouth. Rampage should have but he couldn’t pull the trigger. Machida did but eventually got caught. Rashad, please show some discipline and stick to your game plan. You had trouble getting in on Davis, so I am a little worried. Maybe it was cage rust. Hopefully you can figure this out.

Yes, this post is totally ridiculous. I can’t believe I am even writing this drivel. Every once in a while a piece of media inspires my hate. Jon “Jesus” Jones I actually think I hate you. Sorry buddy but we all don’t love you or find you inspiring. Go to the gym and train buddy because your big mouth requires some great things to back that talk up.

Brian Wright