Can't fight nature

I have been bombarded with tons of info over the last few days that is making me scratch my head. Articles by leading Doctors and Health professionals that say “Eat less, be more active, and you will lose weight.” Really! I never would have thought that one through on my own. The other issue that keeps popping up is GMO’s. There is a battle of science and so called anti-science going on. Basically, one side says food made in a lab is good and the other says not to mess with mother nature or she will bite you in the ass. In both regards, I am confused as to why any of this needs to be presented as ground breaking data? Eat healthy and exercise for a higher quality of life; makes perfect sense. Food produced in a lab may not be good for us; again, makes perfect sense.

Nature trumps everything. Long before we got here and long after we are gone, nature will be doing what it does. We may become extinct but the tides will still move on and out and the winds will still blow. You can’t fight nature. We keep trying and that is why our GMO’s are destroying soil, putting our long term health at risk, and why obesity is such a huge problem. We were designed to eat off the land, rise and rest with the cycles of the sun and moon, plus actively participate in our environment for survival.

We keep distancing ourselves from our natural state. Look at our problems; stress, obesity, disease, etc.. Most of these are what we can call “modern problems.” With all the layers of concrete and insulation we have between us and the natural world, we have fallen of our intended path. I am not calling for us to wrap up in bear skins and run through the woods killing deer and foraging for food. It is about finding a balance. It is about sleeping when we are tired instead of drinking an energy drink or eating organic instead of pesticide based agriculture. Step away from technology and go outside to soak up some vitamin D. Use our bodies in some sort of physical way to combat stress and maintain a healthy body weight.

Every time we try to create a shortcut we lose more of our humanity. Life is a struggle for a reason. In the struggle we define ourselves. If we are constantly looking for convenience and continue to insulate ourselves from nature or reality; we are fighting our design. When we fight our design, we lose. You can’t fight nature; ours or that of the things around us. We were designed to optimally perform a certain way and that is in balance with the world around us. Not the world we created, but the world that was given to us.

Someone said to me that this kind of talk is a 1st world problem. Through GMO’s we are killing off the 3rd world. With obesity we are killing ourselves and bankrupting our health care system. If we find a better balance in the 1st world, we are more prepared to help the 3rd world. I also don’t believe that shortcuts that may lead to cancer, infertility, and environmental hazards are an answer to anyone’s problems. Some say that this kind of talk is anti-science. It is the reality of our time. Through science we understand our world better. When we take that knowledge and start to reshape our world, we lose the balance to has provided us our world.

I am no tree hugger but I understand that we were designed to live a certain way. Go against that and we will fail or at the least lower our quality of life.

Eat as much organic as you can, limit your processed food, exercise, get outside, and rest when your body needs it; simple plan that will get you successful results.

Final thought; If you are concerned with starvation around the globe. Work to help your fellow man through work not a petri dish. Science is not the solution, charity and community is.

Brian Wright Real Elite

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