Stupid is a choice

Media assumes we are stupid, simple minded consumers. Our entire existence is one big target for the marketing machine. This post can be considered part of the machine too; we are all selling something. It comes down to the value of whats for sale. My product is one that is designed to increase the longevity and quality of your life. This allows me to sleep at night and the energy to get up in the morning happy to work. There is a small community of people that I would put into the category of business owner as me. I am not special, simply different. I read daily news posts about GMO’s, food being grown in petri dishes, pills to make you less fat, pills to give you energy, and other assorted nonsense promoted as health and fitness news. Everything we get bombarded with from our government and major news outlets is financially motivated. The lobbyists with the biggest checkbooks from the biggest companies get the commercial spots and the support of public institutions. Healthy science is ignored while commercial product supporting science gets the good press.

Look at how we eat, train, rest, and work. It is fueled by a massive artificial industry that has no real science behind it. When I say “real science” I am referring to science based on positive and healthy lifestyles that do not depend on artificial additives. The majority of science provided is synthetic replacements for what nature already provides.

There already is a blueprint for success and health. Everything else is a shortcut. By falling for shortcuts we are diminishing our potential to grow and evolve. Our bodies, minds, and spirits will only grow through challenging work. Mind numbing walks on the treadmill while watching TV is not challenging, unless you think being able to change channels while walking is hard. Going outside no matter the weather to walk or run can be a challenge or a joy. Either way you are getting out into the real world and having an experience.

The FDA has a food chart that makes little sense but supports a wide range of industry that financially supports our government. Most “Fitness Centers” follow an outdated system of training that has been proven to have minimal results at best. Medium intensity long duration training is good for severely out of shape and/or highly stressed people. The rest of us need high intensity, short duration training to get the max benefit. Modern sports science will tell you this but the majority of media will not because they want you walking on those treadmills.

Science has proven that nutrients from food is better then nutrients from pills or powders. There is a Dr. who cured her own MS with a Paleo diet. She tried vitamins 1st with limited success. She then got everything she needed from food. In 6 months she went from being in a wheelchair to running 5 miles. Watch this video: TED Talk

If we can cure disease with food, why do we keep taking pills and powders, eat food wrapped in plastic, let scientists fuck with our foods genetic make-up, ….......? Our laziness and ignorance is our downfall. We are our own worst enemies.

I look at life like this. We can be sheep or we can be leaders of the herd. The big machine will lead us if we let it. Your life becomes the machines if you let it. You will consume, wear, watch, listen to, and think what it tells you because it is easier to follow then to lead. The machine provides something comfortable and easy. All you have to do is go to work as told and pay what is asked. You will have a car, a home, entertainment, and a complete lack of understanding of your self and anything else of importance.

Why eat healthy? Why exercise in a challenging way? Why think? Why do anything at all? You have one life to live or not. If I told you today that your life is over; how would you feel about your time spent? Are you proud of what you have done or is there just to much you didn’t do for one reason or another? Do you see a life with purpose and action or a ton of excuses?

You can take care of your body mind, and spirit, or you can be a pawn for others to profit off of. You can educate yourself beyond what the books have to say, or you can be brainwashed by the few that control the masses. You can live your life and risk or you can be safe and boring with little to show for your time.

I want my life to mean something more then a decimal point on some other guys spreadsheet. I don’t care if you remember me. I just want to lay my head down and feel good about what I have done with my life. I want my life to have meaning and value for me. If it has value to you too, even better. I want to give something to the world that makes it better. I want to live in a way that makes my community better. I also want all of this to be my choice.

Good deeds done by government mandate have no value. Good deeds done because of a personal desire and effort are truthful actions worth remembering. Nobody is remembered for simply following the law. The one’ we remember either did things to inspire law or went above and beyond what the law required. Bill Gates isn’t the single largest donor to the Word health Organization because the government told him to do it. He did it as a personal choice and that is why it is such a great action. Paying taxes that fund government programs does not make you great. Reaching out on your own to help a person in need does.

Following the herd and hoping for a good result does not make you special. Educating yourself to the truth and living positively makes you special. Reading has value but writing the next great work is where the growth of our race can be found.

Get the fuck up! Feed your body well, exercise your body and mind, expand your spirit, and live a life worth remembering!

Brian Wright