You are who you are

We are a media obsessed culture. Our ideas on body image and success are greatly defined by TV, Movies, Magazines, etc..... It is a bunch of bullshit. Pop culture ideas are for the lazy and weak. Sheep follow pop culture to figurative and at times literal slaughter.; a slaughter of the mind, body, and spirit. I am no Calvin Klein ad but I can knock that airbrushed model’s teeth onto the floor like a spilled box of Chicklets. Either way it does not really matter in the grand scheme of things that I do not look like a model or that I can snap most models in 2. The only thing that matters is my response to this media driven idea of the modern male. I can be depressed that I do not live up to the hype or I can be happy in my own skin and happy with my own abilities. Trust me, I sleep well at night.

We all judge books by the cover. Then we see these books in action and get a chance to make real judgements based on experience vs image. I know the difference between the guy you see on TV and the real person. It is rare to find someone who is consistent. It is hard to find people who practice what they preach on tv. When you see the shredded monster on the Bowflex commercial, remember that he didn’t get that build on Bowflex and he most likely has a good chemist.

You have a choice and opportunity. You can judge people on their looks or you can judge them on their actions. The opportunity comes from sound judgements based on all the facts, not just the image.

Again, I am no model and I am no bodybuilder. I hear that some want to have my skill but rarely if at all do they want my physique. I don’t have the look but I do have some skills and that is all that really matters. If the world came crashing down and we had to survive, you need more men like me then underwear models.

I am not trying to sell you on me. I am trying to tell you that you are way more then your looks, the clothes on your back, or the car you drive. You are what you can do, think, and feel. Those that dismiss the real you because of your image do not deserve your time. Keep being you. Forge your self in hard work and live strong. I invite stupid criticism as much as I invite help. The stupid people can kiss my ass while the one’s who get me try to help. Those that work to help me get my efforts for their benefit in return.

I am always striving to find that balance between attack and defense. I attack weakness that leads to judgements based on ignorance and stupidity. I defend the strengths of those around me and myself so we don’t lose sight of our personal truth in the face of pop culture and weak minded groups of people.

I would rather stand alone, staying true to myself then conform to a group that demands I lose a sense of self.

Can you lift that weight? Can you finish all your rounds? Can you push when you are tired and busted up? These are rel things you can judge yourself on. These are things that let you know what you are made of. These are the things that keep you getting up more times then you get knocked down. These are the things that say bring it on instead of running away.

Who are you? Do you like you? Is your opinion of you stronger then the fools around you? If you don’t know the answers you need to figure it out. I figure it out on the mat and in the gym. You can too. Go pick up some weight and move your body hard enough to figure out some truth about you.

Train hard, recognise your strength, crush your weakness, and be yourself.

Brian Wright Real Elite