Function vs the Big Box

Gyms break down into 3 categories, actually 2 with 1 sub category. Functional result driven gyms and commercial, for the lack of a better term, “Big Box” gyms plus their little brother and sister in the Boutique “Little Box”. The cleanliness or lack of, the size, geographic setting, etc... do not define a gym. Its all about the philosophy subscribed to by the gym owners and staff. “Big Box” set ups are flavor of the month. Look at Reebok and Crossfit. They are taking an extreme concept and making it mainstream. What was primarily grassroots and hardcore will become bubblegum and candy in “Big Box” settings until something else comes along. I hope the chalk and sweat stained hardcore Crossfit people stay true to themselves and let Reebok go chapter 11 on their own.

“Big Box” is all about cool titles like Zumba, TRX, Cardio Kickboxing, Pole Fitness, and other assorted catch phrases. When you get beyond the names you have to see what is actually there. If you are paying $19.99, $29.99, even $59.99 for a membership - don’t expect much. In fitness and in life, you get what you pay for. Those classes are fun but fun is not always worth doing.

“Big Box” has nice titles for their staff - certified by the US whatever of whatever super amazing society for the advancement of sports physiology.... whatever. Education is key to success, just take a close look at the real background on some of these groups. People walk away with certifications after a day seminar, weekend retreat, or month of online courses. Titles don’t mean shit if you can’t get results.

Why is it that most people have a gym membership that they don’t use? Maybe its because people fall for the bright lights and fancy names that give them a false sense of motivation the wears off quickly but is paid for month after month because of that damned contract? If people were getting the education, training, and support needed to achieve goals, maybe they would train more and get their real monies worth?

A real gym (pun totally intended) is a place where you join to get results. You join a community of results driven people that have solid leadership to achieve success. The leadership knows what they are dishing out because they have a proven track record and real experience with what they train. Members are motivated because they are part of a community that gives a shit about them beyond their monthly dollar value. Goals are set and goals are achieved - that is what a real fitness business is about.

If you are paying a trainer to be your friend, you have a problem. Friends in the gym should be built on a mutual respect. This respect comes from a common struggle. You sweat and struggle together to achieve goals. This is a true friendship. Its not a monetary thing, its a real thing. To many fitness pros are gym whores who sell their affections to the highest bidders. Its bullshit. Do the work to get the respect. My respect is not for sale. You don’t have to be superman to get mine, you just have to work hard and try.

We all have to make a living. You should get what you pay for. If you are paying a $100 plus a month for training you should get at least $500 in results. That number comes from increased productivity, confidence, and lifestyle choices. Quit smoking and you will achieve that return on your investment right away. So, when you think you can’t afford a specialized center over the local bargain “Big Box”; see beyond what you have in your wallet today. See the increased value your life will have due to functional training.

Don’t get caught up in the mainstream concepts of training. You can’t tone and sculpt with little weight. You will never get the body you want on the treadmill alone. Walking is never enough. Supplements have more shit then good in them. There is no quick solution to overall health and body image.

If you want to get ripped get lean, get fit.... you have to pick up some weight. You really have to. You won’t get big and bulky. We are talking about tried and true weight lifting, not body building. You need to work on all areas of fitness to balance your body for efficiency. Cardio all day will just give you arthritis, light weight for a million reps will wear out your joints..... doing the same thing over and over at a light to medium pace for long periods of time will burn you out and break you. Machines will get you nowhere fast. You need to interval your training with functional movements that engage all your muscle fibers. Its about speed, balance, agility, and raw horsepower.

Don’t be scared of real training. It will get you what you want quicker and in a way that is more sustainable then anything else available. If you want the results you have to be uncomfortable. The safe place you know is not the place to get what you want. Change only comes from you stepping outside of your norm. You need to shake things up and engage yourself. Stop being numb and do something you can actually feel.

If you want to try something different but effective, come see me. I will get you where you want to go. Its worth the time, and its an investment that will pay off.

Brian Wright Real Elite

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