Gym Zombies

I went to a local Globo Gym to use their sauna. One of my guys had to cut mad weight for his fight and we had to venture into the brights lights to find a hot box. While there I started to see some things that I found funny as well as disturbing. I felt like I was watching an episode of The Walking Dead. Zombified members shuffling from machine to machine, some gnawing on a protein bar while others slurped down bottled water and shakes like a Zombie attached to its prey. Gyms do not inspire me. Hard work inspires. Results inspire. Lights, TV’s, and shiny new machines bore me. These things that most gyms call an asset, I look at as a mind sucking, motivation destroying, detriment to my performance.

I am not a lug looking to lift things up and put them down before I go get spray tanned. I am a person who likes a challenge. I can’t afford to waist my time and I can’t afford to break myself beyond repair. I need a challenge that gets me results, challenges me on multiple levels and has a quantifiable result I can measure to understand my progress.

I refuse to work just to work or do what is simply popular. I need science and I need that challenge. It’s simple, I need to understand what I am doing and it has to be hard. Is that to much to ask for? I think not. I shrugged off conformity a long time ago and opened my own spot so I could follow my own path.

Real Elite is my baby. I started this idea in 1998 and have been refining it ever since. We are pushing the limits of human performance with a system that challenges without the massive level of injury to many are faced with. Shit happens for sure but not due to flaws in our design. We leave the flawed designs to the other guys. While others are piling on and calling it muscle confusion - we are following a system of confusion with an ultimate goal. You may end up wasted on our floor wondering where the oxygen went, but you won’t need to go to the ER because some dumb-ass trainer went to far.

Globo gyms suck. Fitness boxes that pile work on top of work because some guy they bought a license from told them too suck as well. Its about safe and productive training that inspires greatness. That is why I created Real Elite.

Real Elite - leading a revolution in human performance.