So I am having a few good weeks. 6 wins, 2 titles, in 3 weeks. I can let it go to my head or I can remember the reality of this game. I will have my good days and my bad. These streaks go both ways. We once won 19 fights straight then lost 6. It is the nature of the sport. We will always win some and lose some. You can’t ever let yourself fall into the trap of over confidence. I am so happy we are winning but my hate for losing keeps me grounded and working towards the next challenge. My celebration is more pad work on Monday and more motivation for what comes next. There is no magic formula to stay on top. It is about the guys and the training. If we don’t have a solid team vibe we have nothing. Without proper training we have nothing. I know what I have to do and this team does the work together. When one rises we all rise. When one falls we are there to pick them back up. Nobody at Real Elite stands alone.

The success has not come from the fight team alone. The support of each and every member has risen their game to new levels. The guys that step up for sparring, pad holding, moral support, and buy the tickets.... everyone has a role in this team’s success.

This team is not just about winning fights. We are advancing human performance. We are all better because of the training. We are all more focused and confident because of the work. We are truly Elite because of how we do the work.

Nobody is doing what we do. Our system works. Our Strength & Conditioning is unequalled. Our striking and MMA is world class. I am not talking smack, I am telling the truth because we prove it every single day we train. 14 years of winning can’t be wrong.

So why are you not training with us? You give us the time and we will make you a champion too.

Brian Wright Rea Elite

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