I am who I am

Call me cocky, I don’t care. All business has politics. The business of Martial Arts and Fighting is no different. People talk and talk and talk about how great they are and how bad everyone else is. I do fall into this trap from time to time but there is a big difference when I speak vs most of the others I run into. I have been training Martial Arts since I was 6 years old all the way back in 1980. I have been running my own club and training my own fighters since 1998. Before that I was training people at someone else’s dojo. It’s not the time I have in the game, because if it was I would be equal to lots of guys that have been doing this for a while. The key to me is that I have been training at a very high international level for years. I have been in MMA since its inception and have competed in and trained people for the largest organizations the world over; UFC, Strikeforce, K-1, Cage Fury FC, Ring of Combat, Ring of Fire, Friday Night Fights, and on and on and on...... The 1st amateur MMA champ in NJ was from my school. The youngest World Sabaki Challenge Champ was from my school. The most medals from a single team at the USANKF Jr. Olympics was my school.

Now that MMA is huge, there are lots of people that have “UFC” fighters, MMA fighters..... all kinds of combat sport athletes. Some have legit credentials while most of the others have just participated in different things. Just because a gym has guys that have fought doesn’t mean the gym is any good. I am a striking specialist, a decent grappling coach, and an elite level MMA coach. My knowledge comes from traveling, training, and fighting in 13 different countries and just about every state over the years. My experience is not some high school wrestling with local Martial Arts experience. My training is truly world class.

I had a local idiot come thru and tell me what a bad man he is. He grew up fighting on the streets and in the military. He is associated with big names in the sport and is simply “One bad dude”. I laughed in his face. While he was watching Kung Fu Theatre and “Street Fighting”, I was training and competing against some of my generation's best fighters. I was winning a silver medal at the world championships in Australia while he was doing Bruce Lee impressions and collecting seminar certificates.

Your local Martial Arts studio cannot compare itself to Real Elite. I have a short list of gyms I would consider as Elite as us. These are places run by legit coaches with years of elite training and competing. These are gyms that produce some of the best Combat Sports Athletes in the world. These are not gyms with associations they bought but gyms that created the associations that the little guys join. I am not saying the local guys are bad. I am just pointing out that there is a big difference between them and me. They have their value and I have mine.

My gym is not pretty. It is in a developing neighborhood. I am not watering down my classes to “accommodate”. I am also not teaching anything that is unsafe. I am offering those that want to learn, a chance to train at an elite level in a proven system. I am not doing what I saw on Youtube. I am doing what has been proven time and time again to work. I am not doing this to be a millionaire, I am doing this because I love to do it. You give me your best and you will get mine. It's not about money or belts. Its about effort and success.

Real Eite is not for everyone. We tell it like it is and train the way training was meant to be done. We get real results. We won’t kiss your ass and fake it. We are truly Real and you will be Elite if you train in our system. Don’t expect to get it overnight either. This is Martial Arts, it takes a long damned time to get it. Fighters that come and go will never get what we do. Gym jumpers will never get what we do. Those that put in years not months WILL get it.

Love me or hate me, you can’t deny what I have and continue to accomplish. This isn’t a popularity contest, this is Combat Sports, this is a way of life.

Congrats to our newest Champ, George Sullivan. He just won the Cage Fury FC 170 lb belt against a former fighter of mine by KO in the 1st round. I hate to see former teammates and students of mine fight, but in this business it happens. George and I have been together for 5 fights and a few years now. This last fight is the breakthrough camp that put it all together. He knew to stick with me and it is paying off. Now skies the limit.

I hope you get my point. I am not being cocky, I am simply telling you like it is.

Brian Wright Evil Master of Real Elite :)

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